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IRcab is a impulses-response cabinet supporting wav impulses that can be easily found on the web.

With IRcab it is possibile to recreate the frequency response stored in the impulse, allowing to expand your own sound palette. The plug-in is avalaible in two different versions, mono and stereo processing.

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Stream of Consciousness May 24 2020
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May 24 2020
^^By that I mean changed everything about recording at home.^^ I don't know what they have changed with this yet it's still a zip file....:c) Cheers! Stay Well
Stream of Consciousness May 24 2020
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May 24 2020
Changed every thing, this has a new interface,so I'll check it out see if seeing the wave form helps isolate desirable IR's at a glance. Question, Should we worry about really quiet ones, are they defective in some way or is it just a way to get more dynamics, or are they just recorded at a lower volume. You know what would be nice, a IR juke box, that could flip through all the IR's in a file. 10 sec 30 sec ...the length of the song.
ksoundHOMErecs Sept 03 2016
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Sept 03 2016
<3 x <3 x <3 sweet :) 5 *
Viper ITB May 11 2015
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May 11 2015
Very useful and realistic. High CPU load but I guess that is unavoidable when dealing with IRs in real-time. Great plugin!
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