by Kriminal
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Victor is a 3x4 osc. analog synth.

Victor is built around 3 'groups'. Each group has 4 OSC's (each of those has 7 diff waveforms) with individual Osc Vol and group PW/PW Depth and Tuning (octave and semi-tone).  Each group had a LP/HP/BP/BR filter with Env and VCA. All envelopes can be inverted.  Each group has Pan and Volume, as well as an X-Y pad. (osc1 at top left, osc 2 top right, osc3 bot right, osc4 bot left)

There is also and extensive BPM Synced LFO (6 waveforms) for each Group and a global MOD section (Mod Wheel/Aftertouch/Velocity).  The Main section has controls for Bend Range/Vel Sensetivity/Mono-Poly-Legato Mode/Portamento Time.
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Made in USA Aug 02 2016
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Aug 02 2016
Kriminal made a lot of great sounding synths. Unfortunately this isn't one of them. It's too complex for it's own good and right out of the box the presets are drab.
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