by Kriminal
4.1 / 5     (7 votes)
KRM-101 is based around the 80's Roland SH-101.

Very simple synth capable of some cool bass/lead sounds.
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Chrys Feb 16 2017
(2 / 5)
Feb 16 2017
Not convinced
Nick Bailey Nov 10 2015
Nov 10 2015
This is a nice analogue style monosynth with lots of potential, it sounds a bit like the SH101 but the layout and features deviate quite a lot, but good in it's own right.
Bootrock Fellers Apr 29 2015
(5 / 5)
Apr 29 2015
Love this plugin, perfoms as expected, and does wonders in the right hands. Thanks a lot Kriminal. I'm definitely gonna donate cause your work is worth it.
Steve Oct 18 2011
(4 / 5)
Oct 18 2011
Has some good bass, and if passed through a guitar amp it can make a very gritty sounding lead.
costantino Jul 30 2010
Jul 30 2010
no bad man, not bad
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