AlioNoctis Pro
by HG Fortune
4.1 / 5     (25 votes)
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AlioNoctis produces ambient textures and sounds.

In fact this VSTi synthesizer by HG Fortune goes soundwise beyond all the aforementioned ones. So you can expect what's typical for most of HG Fortune synths: Vivid athmos, textures, pads but also some rhythmicated sounds, all can be enriched by the out-of-this-world flavour of Inferno, Spooks and of course the highly efficient Bass Enhancer.
  • 3 digital PCM-wave oscillators powered by 128 selectable waveforms (as external sf2 file).
  • 3rd oscillator with 8 slot wavemorphing selectable.
  • Oscillator Mix via X/Y Pad and various modulations.
  • 2 resonant filters (24db Lowpass and 12db Highpass).
  • 3 ADSR-style envelope generators.
  • Inferno for adding generated upper harmonics.
  • Spook 1 & 2 effects with X/Y Pad and various modulations.
  • Super Modulation X/Y Control Pad to modulate up to 10 destinations simultaneuosly.
  • LFO Section with 7 LFO plus one Sample & Hold most with bpm synced tempo and key sync.
  • very efficient Bass Enhancer.
  • 1 dedicated Lazy buttons.
  • Straight and easy access for editing on the GUI.
bindlestiff Oct 30 2019
Oct 30 2019
Anyone tell me the diff between this pro version and the reg (superb) version of Alionoctis (which I already have) on this site? HG's work was special and unique, so I wouldn't want to miss out on more goodness, just don't need digital clutter. I can't see what is different by comparing blurbs, they are almost identical. I don't see limitations. Some- like Swamp are rated much more highly than the freed "pro" versions.
LeWut Jun 01 2019
(5 / 5)
Jun 01 2019
Sargantana Mar 24 2019
Mar 24 2019
Extraordinary work from the late H G Fortune which offers endless sonic possibilities if you're willing to invest the time. The interface is cluttered and somewhat unattractive but don't let that put you off. 5/5
Lloyd McKay Jun 06 2017
Jun 06 2017
Nice. I made 2 banks for this. LK.
Anonymous May 16 2017
May 16 2017
Old 80s producers trick.. smash it with delays and reverbs, this is bad vst.. looks great.
Mark (FlyingScooter) Nov 16 2016
Nov 16 2016
If you are looking for unbelievable textures, audio mood scapes and a seriously fantastic deviation from normal VST synths, this is a true gem!
pauleamca Jan 16 2016
(5 / 5)
Jan 16 2016
Diego carrasco, it is a 32-bit engine. Please use a bridge like VSThost by Hermann Seibt.
diego carrasco Aug 11 2014
Aug 11 2014
Hey thanks for share it but I can't add it to ableton live 8 in a win 8. Has anyone has this problem ?
/urano Apr 29 2013
(3 / 5)
Apr 29 2013
CEREBRENITZA [black metal] uses H.G. FORTUNE synths.
Anonymous Dec 26 2012
(5 / 5)
Dec 26 2012
great sounds blew my mind all kinds of creative music went threw my head when i heard this synth effects. Menkura
esaias Jun 16 2011
(0 / 5)
Jun 16 2011
causes very loud noise on Sonar 8.5!!! digital noise +99.9db
deepwatermusic Mar 17 2011
(5 / 5)
Mar 17 2011
HG Fortune makes some of the best soft synths period. This is a monster!
Ghekorg7 Apr 22 2010
(5 / 5)
Apr 22 2010
Exellent !!! I allready composed 2 pieces based on it ! (The other is Chimera and... something else) THANK YOU HG !!
Shotec1 Jan 25 2010
(5 / 5)
Jan 25 2010
HG Fortune is creating AMAZING and AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL VSTi plug-ins. I love their sounds very very much!
awesome Jan 24 2010
(5 / 5)
Jan 24 2010
So many open possibilities with this one. Very enjoyable. 5/5
plasma Nov 25 2009
(5 / 5)
Nov 25 2009
A very good `texturer`, nice soundscapes are possible. The creator HG Fortune seem to have also a cool point of view, about shareware politics.
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