by Studio Devil
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Win32 OSX
Studio Devil BVC (British Valve Custom) is a guitar tube amplifier modeling plug-in that is designed to mimic the character of "British"-style vacuum tube heads.

This virtual tube amplifier processor is based on authentic models of 12AX7A vacuum tube preamps and tube power stages. While primarily intended for guitar amp modeling and direct recording of both electric guitar and bass, Studio Devil BVC excels wherever natural tube overdrive and distortion is needed. British Valve Custom features the basic controls of a guitar amp: GAIN, TONE, and DRIVE. It is based on the gain structure of popular British Valve (Tube) heads like those made by Marshall with some subtle modifications to give it slightly more gain. The dynamic response and tone is faithful to those from real vacuum tube amps and reacts to your playing style just like the real thing.
Steve Dec 17 2019
(4 / 5)
Dec 17 2019
Whoah! It's a lively beast, pretty full on and a little tinny/trebly. This beast is useful, not the ultimate tho.
JODY CROWN May 22 2015
May 22 2015
This sounds the most accurate to my ears. I use in MIXCRAFT 6 and performs well.
Guitar Man Mar 24 2013
Mar 24 2013
Атака - отличная! Звук - упругий! НО ... ШУМИТ - ЖУТКО, А МЕНЬШАЯ ГРОМКОСТЬ "СТИРАЕТ" ВСЕ ПЕРВЫЕ ДВЕ ПООЖИТЕЛЬНЫЕ ПОЗИЦИИ. PS В Приципе, ВСЕ VST из этой обоймы, с такими же недостатками. Если надо чисто записать гитару, то лучше с другими VST.
rahahoo Dec 09 2010
(5 / 5)
Dec 09 2010
It is a great plug-in!