by Analog Obsession
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Win64 OSX
BUSTERse is a classic console compressor with extra filter and transient sidechain options to dominate whole signal.

Compressor Section
  • THRESHOLD (dB) : +15 to -15.
  • ATTACK (ms) : 0.1, 0.3, 1, 3, 10, 30.
  • RELEASE (sec) : 0.1, 0.3, 0.6, 1.2, Auto.
  • RATIO : 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10.
  • MAKE UP (dB) : 0 to 15.
  • MIX (%) : DRY to WET.

Filter Section (Sidechain)
  • HPF (Hz) : 20 to 500
  • MID (~1500Hz) : -6dB to +6dB
  • HF (~10kHz) : 0dB to -10dB *Will work like famous optical-tube compressor and help you to control high frequencies, better.

Transient Section (Sidechain)
  • BOOST (dB) : 0 to 10 *While boosting attack, it will reduce decay/release of signal to make compressor more sensitive with only attacks/peaks.
  • TILT (~1kHz Center) : -6dB to 6 dB *It's placed before BOOST to send only dedicated range to BOOST. So, BOOST will affect only given frequency range and will boost only this range's transients. If TILT is default, BOOST will affect overall transients.
  • MIX (%) : DRY to WET *Will blend DRY and WET signal. After boosting transients, you can blend with DRY signal to keep reduced release of signal. When MIX in default position, TR is off. So, you can turn MIX knob to all the way up to engage TR section.
  • EXT (External Sidechain) : When you engage EXT, sidechain circuit will listen incoming signal and you can stil use Filter and Transient sections on incoming signal.

Control Section
  • MAIN : General Bypass
  • TURBO : Turbo Mod *Turbo mod will help to compressor to affect whole signal range. Otherwise, compressor will focus on mid frequencies. This mod added to keep original sign of hardware.
  • XFORMER : In/Out Transformers *If you engage XFORMER, in/out ICs will be replaced with transformer to balance it. This will affect to impedance, character, overall sound...
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Eranmadi84 Nov 17 2020
(5 / 5)
Nov 17 2020
This plugin, BUSTERse, it's the most of the best freeware SSL buss compressor vst 3 plugin 64 bit ever made, it's the best for mixing & mastering compress to give mastering glue mix bus process on the stereo master out bus,for freeware SSL plugin it's do the job perfectly amazingly, I'm so so happy for the results, I love you Analog Obsession.