by Xoxos
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Boing2 is a bowed string model.

Oscillation is produced with a friction calculation applied to a dispersive waveguide string with oversampling rates of up to 16x. The string loop includes a mass-spring modeled bridge. The body resonator consists of a mass-spring "air tone" model and a 5 band banded waveguide.
Sunset Dec 03 2018
(3 / 5)
Dec 03 2018
Complex but worth it, lack of presets is a bummer but still very fun to use. Can make some very natural/realistic string sounds as well as very glitchy/synthy stuff depending on the settings. Worth spending some time with
ME Aug 15 2014
Aug 15 2014
It would be actually very easy for us to use it if we knew a little bit about physical bowed string instruments...
Anonymous Aug 11 2014
Aug 11 2014
Does it comes with presets? if you guys add 20+ presets a lot more of people will get them.. I generally take presets and modify them a little bit, but building strings from 0? Pain in the ass!
sQi Apr 07 2012
(5 / 5)
Apr 07 2012
Takes a lot to shape the sound. But it's ok. :)
glitz blitz May 27 2011
(2 / 5)
May 27 2011
I'm sure you could get some great sounds out of it, but it's so unbelievably complicated that I barely bothered. It's like it has its own internal physics engine for the bowing of the string; if you get the settings wrong, it sounds like when a real life violin hits a dud note. Crazy.
boredmuso Dec 04 2009
(3 / 5)
Dec 04 2009
Nice, weird plucked-synth kind of sound. Hated the interface - Made it needlessly difficult to use.
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