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Win64 OSX
BXQ is a Baxandall equaliser with Left/Right & Mid/Side processing.

High class mixing-mastering-grade analog EQ. The sound & behavior of the hardware have been fully captured in the plugin version.
  • World-Class High-Fidelity tone control equalizer.
  • Broad Q Shelving for a natural, open character.
  • Link mode.
  • Output Trim.
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synthicide Apr 16 2020
Apr 16 2020
hmmm...is AO actually VOS in disguise? If not, has AO learnt a lot from VOS? Cos VOS still hasn't gone 64bit, but did say; about 2 years ago, that he was waiting for the 64bit of 'flowstone' (or maybe it was SynthEdit) to be established before he could port his amazing plugs to 64bit. (I refused to go 64bit for years, all because of Herbert/Bootsy, but then I got J-Bridge, which works flawlessly!) Anyone know any more on all this?
ALEX Mar 22 2020
(5 / 5)
Mar 22 2020
Good sound!!! Free ms eq!!
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