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Win64 OSX
Lovend is a harmonic bass enhancer.

Selectable frequencies and continuous boost. Great for materials for weak low-end.

You will get low bump directly when you load plugin. Then, you can select your frequency and boost according to your need.

Recommending 140, 160, 180 settings to fatten up snares! Low settings are best for kicks, basses, low-end synths and final mixes.

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Ezequiel May 16 2020
(5 / 5)
May 16 2020
Oh boy! It works really, really fine, great low end with a twist of a knob. Its the congruence of simplicity and detailed control, I love it! One of many excellent developments by Analog Obssesion. Really recomend this and all of Analog Obssesion plug-ins
agi Apr 12 2020
Apr 12 2020
Really awesome sound!! Thank you very much for this!
Pier Apr 10 2020
(5 / 5)
Apr 10 2020
Best for Bass track.. and other! Un plugin davvero notevole... grazie
Covid-19 Comedy Club Mar 23 2020
(5 / 5)
Mar 23 2020
Analog Obsession contribute some brilliant free plugins, here is another one, thank you AO
ALEX Mar 15 2020
(5 / 5)
Mar 15 2020
Mega BASS creator! Good Plugin!!!
Don Mar 11 2020
Mar 11 2020
I've tryed numerous vsts for Heavy weight on thin sounds or master bus... This is up there!
bindlestiff Mar 10 2020
(5 / 5)
Mar 10 2020
Weak piffy drum track? This lovely plug will deftly carve that rhythm into fat slab of BASS! Clean, powerful and simple. Some of the other bottom-end enhancers are mainly a noise layer to help the percussion cut through the mix. This lets you nail the frequency that is flagging and really lets you BOOM it up without losing the HH etc. Formerly thin synths will make your eyes pop out when you slap this baby on there and crank the dial! Big thanks to the dev for making these quality plugs available here!
your conscience Mar 07 2020
Mar 07 2020
ohh 32bit plugins please !!!
heavymetalmixer Mar 07 2020
Mar 07 2020
After the hacking attack to happened to the Analog Obsession site a few weeks ago, the developer "Tunca" dropped the 32 bits plugin support, because all the infected plugins were 32 bits.
bindlestiff Mar 10 2020
Mar 10 2020
It is incredible. The most generous, innocent people are attacked for these very traits because their generosity seems to threaten those who peddle pricey commercial vsts. It is always a sign of their superb quality, when they are attacked in this way. The corrupted downloads are supposed to discredit their quality as a free/donationware product and herd wallet-bearers back into the showroom...
Steve Apr 03 2020
Apr 03 2020
Why would anyone do this to someone so creative and generous as the creator of A.O.? Sad world.