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Win64 OSX
Gunner is a Marshall Guv'nor style overdrive pedal.

Guv'nor was created in the late 80s to replicate the drive tones of M-Type famous amps. Allows you to control the gain, level, EQ.
  • Drive – Drive control as original pedal.
  • Level – Modeled volume control.
  • Bass – Controls bass eq like original amp eq.
  • Mid – Controls mid eq like original amp eq.
  • Treb. – Controls bass eq like original amp eq.
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Faydit Mar 28 2020
(5 / 5)
Mar 28 2020
As far as I remember, my Guv'nor sounded a little diferent and also had more gain, nevertheless I find this is a very good sounding overdrive pedal with a very natural, transparent sound.