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Win64 OSX
SSQ is a SSL console EQ emulation.

Put legendary console EQ in your rack with the SSQ. Since the early ’80s, producers have loved the E Type consoles for their huge sound and distinctive character. A big part of the sound came from the E Type channel strip, and you get the same circuits in the module.
  • Famous line-amp re-designed and added to SSQ.
  • Brown Knob is the sound of early-’80s E Type consoles, with 15dB cut/boost and musical response.
  • The perfect way for project studios to get the sound of a world-famous console.
  • Versatile 4 band channel EQ with fully parametric LMF and HMF and HPF/LPF.
  • Oversampling for better processing.
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Anonymous Apr 18 2020
Apr 18 2020
I don't know how to load this plugin into my DAW Mixcraft 8. Thank You!
Steve Apr 03 2020
(5 / 5)
Apr 03 2020
Tested this marvel against Waves SSL E Channel strip, though the A. O. eq is more likely based on the 500/611 series. Having no gate compression and routing option. Used same eq frequencies. This is possibly the best eq out of the A.O. line and what I have ever used. This eq immediately sounds punchier cleaner crisp but in an analogue way, that's not artificial but natural. Absolutely stunning. These plug in are the best I have used. Thank you for making them and releasing them free!
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