by Elena Design
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PERFormant is a sound designer-oriented formant vowel synthesizer/filter.

It is ideal to design realistic choirs or vocal solos (non-speech), can also be used creatively to design original synthetic sounds and textures.
  • 3-bands, non-resonating stereo formant filter bank with flat (Butterworth-like) response, for astonishingly realistic vowel synthesis.
  • 2 fully morphable datasets.
  • Fully automatable parameters.
  • The filter bank can be switched to process either the builtin synth or an external stereo signal.
  • Very advanced and carefully designed graphical user interface: bands controls overlaid on the builtin spectrum analyzer for visual feedback; jog-shuttles for accurate fine-tuning of the three frequency bands; global band shifter and bandwidth scaler.
  • Builtin stereo sawtooth-choir synthesizer (eight voices, six independent sawtooth oscillators plus stereo noise source) with extensive modulation controls; six independent LFO (sine or random) working in FM, AM or both; extensive Aftertouch support; monophonic glider with glide velocity scaling.
  • By design, need for external equalization is dramatically reduced / eliminated.
  • Naturally wide stereo output, no needs for external ambience simulators.
Note : this is a donationware using a nagscreen.
Erisian Apr 19 2020
(3 / 5)
Apr 19 2020
"Morally expected" is better than "must." It's free. There are better choir synths out there but stick a chorus and some delay on this and it's totally useable. I'll be keeping it.
PSY-LION Feb 07 2020
(0 / 5)
Feb 07 2020
Scam & low quality
returned Jun 21 2019
Jun 21 2019
If I must pay "expected to DONATE a MINIMUM AMOUNT of $45.49" to you and advertise for you. Then this is Not a free VST. It's shareware! I rate it 1/2 star because the vst is slow to change presets, the nag screen; But it looks nice. IN ANY CASE OF "published" MUSIC OR MEDIA CREATED EMPLOYING PER*FORMANT (EITHER COMMERCIALLY O NOT), THE PUBLISHER IS OBLIGED TO SPECIFY ITS USAGE AND A PROPER COPYRIGHT NOTICE<--
Thanos Aug 07 2019
Aug 07 2019
Like the world was waiting for Mr.Performant to make music. Or the romplers wouldn't provide a free alternative. 0/5 from me: the voices do not appear realistic, to consider spending even $1 on this.