1208 GEQ
by 1208 Audio Plugins
3.6 / 5     (5 votes)
1208 GEQ is a classic eleven band graphic equalizer with adjustable Q, individual band bypass, & a light dab of mojo.
  • 12 band graphic equalizer.
  • +12/-12 dB gain per frequency.
  • Adjustable bandwidth Q.
  • Per band bypass.
  • Peak Limiter.
  • Windows 64 bit VST2 & VST3.
  • Free version: Fixed gain on 16 & 20k bands. Limiter disabled.
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Zak Nov 07 2018
(4 / 5)
Nov 07 2018
Another very good plugin. It is worth the price for the paid version. However, in terms of free plugins, I think it's outclassed by Voxengo Marvel GEQ. Still, worth checking out and keeping an eye out for this developer.
ShadowKing Jul 10 2018
(4 / 5)
Jul 10 2018
Better than FLS's Parametric EQ2 because it's easier to use & understand. You can be brain dead & know exactly what to do to shape a great sound the minute you slide any one of those knobs. Used it one time & now my default EQ tool. The design is good. The name is lame. But it's power is instant & significant. FYI: I'm a jack@$$ so if a vst gets 5 stars: it's easy to master, bug-free, & profoundly delivers its intended purpose.
VRS Apr 30 2018
(0 / 5)
Apr 30 2018
Crashes OBS Studio
1208 Audio Feb 16 2018
Feb 16 2018
Updated to version 1.0.5. Mono track crash has been fixed so the mono and stereo versions have been removed. No need for seperate versions now.
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