by Krakli
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KR5 is a 5 channels drum machine.

It can be triggered by its own sequencer or via MDI or just played via the pads KR5 has 5 channels of flexible drum synthesis.

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Gonzalez Oct 21 2018
Oct 21 2018
Anonymous Sept 24 2017
Sept 24 2017
Reaper says it cannot load as the PatchMemory.sem module cannot be found can you help?
Anonymous Jan 30 2018
Jan 30 2018
You may need to change the security permissions for your VST plugins folder(s) by either changing ownership or allowing Users full read and write access. Once privileges have been obtained, any plugins that need to unpack or create a .sem file will then be able to. Also, maybe run Reaper as Administrator? Hope this helps!
FIVE-P Jan 11 2017
Jan 11 2017
Please 64bit version please :)
Johny Deep May 22 2017
May 22 2017
use Jbridge to convert my friend
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