by RAZ Audio
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The STC-3 is a spatial expander used to expand or narrow a perceived stereo field.

It is a natural sounding effect, designed to receive a stereophonic input and provide an either wider or narrower stereo output.

It does not use any artificial means of mono-to-stereo or stereo like effects and does not use active-phasing or delays to achieve its natural sounding result. A dedicated compensation mechanism keeps the ‘phantom center’ pure and natural sounding, while the stereo content is processed.

STC-3 is designed to be used on a single (stereophonic) channel or as a bus processor for full range processing, for either mixing or mastering. For such use, the dedicated LF processor becomes very handy and useful.
but why Mar 04 2019
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Mar 04 2019
what's the purpose of this plugin if we can just use ozone imager for free as well?
Deskow Dec 24 2017
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Dec 24 2017
Simple et plutôt efficace. Merci au développeurs et aux administrateurs du site pour cette découverte :)
Deskow Dec 02 2017
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Dec 02 2017
Very nice Plugin , very easy use :)
ksoundHOMEworks Mar 17 2016
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Mar 17 2016
this company (guys) are amazing... high quality/pro software for free... I just love what they create... I wish that they can provide full line of fx.... but still, whatever they already created is super cool and looks absolutely magnetic :)
User Jan 23 2016
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Jan 23 2016
Hi, I had just compared the STC-3 to a 130 USD priced stereo plugin and they both perform the same (different material tested). Nice work RazAudio ! I agree with the above, better not use any stereorizer to keep the audio pure... However for getting different samples into the correct feel, mastering other peoples mixes, etc. - it is a very useful and important tool. If you own the musical material, mixing and mastering - well, yes, you could live without it... Bests
msea Jan 21 2016
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Jan 21 2016
Not bad! I compared it to another stereoizer and it came out favorably. But I find that if you get the mix right, a stereoizer isn't really necessary, just makes for more distortion... ?