by Odosynths
3.7 / 5     (9 votes)
Rhythms is a complete electronic drum kit.

It features 6 stereo outputs you can select the output channel for every synth .
  • Distortion for the bass drums,
  • tuned hi-hats,
  • phase modulation on the toms and rimshot
  • 32 drum kits
Samhooey Mar 20 2018
(5 / 5)
Mar 20 2018
This is a great sounding drum kitter. Maybe underated.
Greenwood Jul 27 2017
(5 / 5)
Jul 27 2017
I don't know why this plugin doesn't receive better marks. It's a very good synth drum, especially for its size. It has a bunch of presets/kits and some really good low end. It sounds more realistic than other synth drums too. A lot of synth drums sound like zaps and chirps.
Anonymous Jun 18 2012
Jun 18 2012
no me funciona en FRuity Loops
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