by Ixox
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IxoxDelay is a quadruple easily panable echo delay.
  • SSE optimized so a SSE CPU is required (Athlon XP, pentium 3 and 4)
  • 100% SSE so no denormalisation problem and very low CPU usage.
  • All sample rates are OK
  • 3 stereo outputs
  • the input signal can be merged with the delays.
  • from 1/64 to 3 beats of delay... Tempo from 48 to 999...
Each delay has :
  • Signal does no depend on the pan of the input.
  • EQ low pass and high pass.
  • Saturation per delay.
  • Type: multiple or single echo.
  • input can be the main input or one of the previous delays(input is taken from an other delay before saturation, EQ and volume).
Johnny Northerner Jun 12 2016
(5 / 5)
Jun 12 2016
Just about all the delays/echos for download on vst4free are really good. This one is also excellent. You can make either simple or complex effects with it. Thank you Ixox.
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