by Shuttleplug
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Timeframe is a LFO controlled delay effect.

A simple concept with interesting results...
  • Faders & waveform-selector control the LFO.
  • LFO controls the delaytime.
  • feedback knob & mono/stereo selector control the delay.
  • SLUGGG increases the maximum delay time.
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Barney Rife Aug 23 2020
(4 / 5)
Aug 23 2020
This a majorly cooI FSU tool. You can feed it any synth sound and get something even cooler as the output with lots of tune-ablility. Would give this 5 stars if the dev would take the trouble to actually insert it's name into the Synthedit dll. When I load this in some DAWs it is simply identified as "Container Synthedit" which makes it impossible to save presets when there is more than one unsigned Synthedit VST present.
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