Room Reverberator
by 7AMP
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7AMP Room reverberator emulates box room sounding with manually targeted sound source in room space.

Reverberation is controlled only by setting room/air properties and source position.
  • Direction: defines direction to the sound source.
  • Space: room size.
  • Distance: distance to the source relative to the room size.
  • Proportion: the room width to length ratio.
  • Decay: distance sound decay.
  • Altitude: sound source altitude.
  • Height: room height.
  • Speed: sound source moving speed.
Jake Aug 05 2014
(2 / 5)
Aug 05 2014
Tried this plug-in, gotta say, it did NOT like my DAW. I'm running Song ACID Music Studio 9. When I first used it, it turned m track into nothing but clipping static. I could not use it. I believe it's a problem on my end but...
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