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antiknot - Randomizable Multi-effects
antiknot is a randomizable signal processing effect featuring EQ, warm saturated tri band and single band compression, flanger, delay, reverb and uniphaser units.
  • Warm saturated tri-band and single-band compression, EQ, flanger, equalizer, tremolo, phaser, reverb, delay.
  • Internal oversampling for aliasing reduction.
  • Fully automatable controls.
  • Randomization function for the whole unit as well as the individual chain parts.
  • Preset saving and loading.
  • Loudness protection / auto-gain function (no signal will be too loud or too quiet).
  • Low CPU usage (full SSE and SSE2 support).

(3.4 Mb)
  V 1.0


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Oct 14 2019
  5  / 5
This effect is an amazing plug in with a randomizer button that changes the parameters every time which you never get the same results always making new angles on your instrument! Pretty Awesome!
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Jun 22 2019
  5  / 5
i am giving 5* for an idea...it should be great toy for guitar and bass tracks....thanks for making and sharing...we love all developers...respect 4ever <3
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Jun 20 2018
  5  / 5
This is a fascinating vst; super lush reverbs
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Dec 27 2016
  3  / 5
I like this one, served me as an easy enhancer, can be surprisingly good on some dull tracks, humanising them so that poor mortals like you dont dump the baby with the bath water.
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