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midiPads - Configurable controller
midiPads is a very configurable MIDI controller VST plug-in.

It has editable configurations of up to 128 pads (buttons, x/y pads, sliders) with customizable text, colors, and icons. Each pad can send a MIDI note and/or CC message(s).

1 to 64 buttons/sliders/XY-pads that send learnable midi messages, with resizable GUI. Very configurable. Each pad can optionally show an svg/png/jpg/gif image (drag & drop to load images). The default ones are ugly, so make your own.

(0.8 Mb)
  V 1.5


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Apr 04 2018
  ?  / 5
seems to turn ableton midi track into audio track then outputs nothing
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Aug 12 2013
  Sebastian Alecsander
  5  / 5
Midipads works very well with VSTHost. It is very customisable. Used it with laptop touchscreen and external usb control pads. Simple things that work well are a vst joy.
Feb 17 2018
I want to ask you this:Is it possible to use knobs or faders of an external midi controller to send the cc messages? I have tried in many ways but I canĀ“t do it. Instead I could trigger notes with de pads of the controller
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