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Repeater - Infinite delay
Repeater is a infinite repeating delay.

You record in some sound and this recorded sound is then repeated for as long as you want.
  • Pressing record (cc16/17), starts recording sound, pressing this button again stops the recording.
  • Pressing play (cc18/19), stops playback of sound input and repeatedly plays the recorded sound, pressing this button again stops the playback with the sound input still being off.
  • Reset (cc20) - turns off any looped sound and turns back on sound input.
  • Regen (cc23) - returns the looped sound to the original recorded sound.
  • Mix (cc22) - how much the dry sound is output , normal at 0% means it's off.
  • Vol (cc23) - volume of looped sound, at less than 100% , it means the sound dies away in volume.
  • Feed (cc24) - how much the dry sound is feed into to the looped sound, normal at 0% means no other sound is input.
  • Lo Filt (cc25) - low pass filter of looped sound, 20khz means it's off.
  • Hi Filt (cc26) - high pass filter of looped sound, 20hz means it's off.
  • Out (cc23) - output volume of the looped sound.
  • Press regen to return to the original loop.

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Sept 06 2015
  3  / 5
We all need a good repeater delay sometimes, simple delay doing single task but doing it well are much precious when multi linked for multi differents sounds.
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