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PhaseBug - Phase correction
PhaseBug's primary function is to shift the phase of an audio signal.

This is a critical function in fixing source signals that have phase errors in relation to one another, which can cause inappropriate cancellation or reinforcement of frequencies in a mix.

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Jan 18 2017
  1  / 5
Unpacking the .ZIP yields an .EXE installer. The VST (0.9beta, released in 2005) is relatively old. Comes with a manual. Tried in FL Studio 12. Plugin worked as described, i.e. shifted phase of left vs. right stereo channel, but some serious stability issues were encountered (crashed DAW several times). The phase shifting effect can also be achieved using the 'Phase' knob in Fruity Stereo Shaper (FL Studio-native plugin; set to 45 % for 180 phase shift), making PhaseBug superfluous. Uninstaller included, but does not remove all files.
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Jun 18 2016
  5  / 5
I can't say for sure. But on a first look it's great!
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Sept 21 2015
  Brummhilda Maxxi
  5  / 5
Great stuff.
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