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Liść-step - 16 step sequencer filter
Liść-step is a 16 step sequenced state variable filter.

The cutoff frequency can be controlled in 2 ways, via the 16 step sequencer or low frequency oscillator. Liść-step allows the user to quickly create modulated filter patterns with ease.

State variable filter:
  • Low pass, High pass, Band pass, Band reject.
  • Frequency cut off.
  • Resonance.
  • Step sequencer (output to filter frequency).
16 step sequencer:
  • Sequencer rate.
  • Step amount.
  • Sequence direction (forwards, backwards, back and forth 1 and 2).
  • Glide amount.
  • Amount to cut off.
Low frequency oscillator (ouput to filter frequency):
  • 5 waveforms (sine, saw, ramp, triangle, square).
  • Square waveform width (pulse).
  • LFO rate (free or sync to host).
  • Wave position.
  • Amount to cut off.

(3.7 Mb)
  V 1.0.3


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