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Incubus - 6 osc multiwave synth
EVM Incubus is a 6 oscillators multiwave synthesizer.

Incubus produces a stunning example of a modern virtual synthesizer. Capable of a vast range of sounds and incorporating the EVM Multiwave module for wide stereo effects the Incubus will generate strings, pads, lead synths and fat 6 note unison bass synths with ease.
  • 6 Oscillators Polyphonic + 6 Oscillator Unison mode.
  • 3 Sub oscillators in split transposition mode. Mono or Poly.
  • EVM Multiwave technology for a wide stereo spread.
  • Waves: Sine, Pulse+Pulse width, Ramp, Triangle and Noise.
  • Individual filter for each Osc with Phase variable contour frequency response.
  • 4 Stage ADSR with Filter and Osc pitch response.
  • Filter Keyboard tracking.
  • Ultra fat 6 note Unison mode with individual Osc detuning.
  • Built in Digital Delay line.
  • Complex modulation with 2 LFO's and multiple destinations.
  • MIDI chanel 1-16 or All.
  • Selectable pitch bend range for realtime pitch wheel control.

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  V 1.0


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Dec 02 2019
  5  / 5
I like it a lot. It's simple, and most of the sounds are very useful.
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