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DB-Force The Amen
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DB-Force The Amen - Legendary sliced loop
The Amen is the legendary Amen Break , packed in a powerful VST Plugin.

No more wasting your time with slicing and re-arranging your Amen Break wave file. Just play your MIDI, turn some knobs and make beats. The Amen Break is already sliced up into it's single drum hits. Each single slice can be triggered by it's own MIDI note. It can be rearranged with no limits, so that you can produce the Amen beat of your choice.

It has two types of amp envelopes, one main envelope, which has effect to all slices, and each single slice additionally has it's own envelope for more individual tweakings. It has a multimode filter, an ADSR filter envelope, two LFO's and an effects section with phaser, bitcrusher, distortion and a reverb. The slices can be played forward and reverse by velocity strength.
  • Synthesis: Sample-based.
  • Each sinle slice ca be triggered by it's own MIDI note (C1 - A4).
  • 1 Resonance Four Pole State Variable Filter, switchable between Low Pass, High Pass, Bandpass and switchable 12/24 dB slope, Resonance can be driven up to self oscillation.
  • 1 ADSR Filter Envelope.
  • 1 AD Amp Envelope.
  • AD Envelope for each single slice.
  • 2 host syncable LFOs.
  • Effects section wit Phaser, Bitcrusher, Distortion and Reverb.
  • Each single slice can be played forward (Velocity set from 0 to 100) and reverse (Velocity set from 101 to 127).
  • Each single slice can be played once or looped (can be set separately for forward and reverse).
  • editable forward start/end positions, editable reverse start/end positions for each single slice.
  • all functions fully automatable.
  • MIDI Learn function for each knob/button.

(7.3 Mb)
  V 1.21


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May 29 2019
  2  / 5
Using Amen break in commercial projects without clearance is illegal these days, so be careful uploading tracks made with this rompler. The plugin itself is somewhat unstable and prone to crashes. Seems like it requires proper tweaking at different DAWs.
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May 26 2018
  5  / 5
Really happy for Happy Hardcore :)
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Mar 03 2017
  ?  / 5
Nice stuff !!
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Feb 09 2015
  Wesley Hayden
  5  / 5
Yes! will hopefully be smashing out some of those 93 style loops , I love the Amen break.
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May 06 2014
  4  / 5
Actually, although the plug-in may be of limited use, I think it works well for its purpose- You can really create endless beat variations with the sounds contained in it. They will sound real, and very professional. Recommended if you like making aggressive breakbeat music.
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Dec 15 2013
  3  / 5
Meh, you can't load other samples, I figured you could. It's just got the amen break sample. Not very versatile. But if thats what you want, then it works fine with very little cpu usage..... If you could load other samples or it had a bunch of different ones, it would be friggin' awesome.
Jan 16 2014
I agree mostly, but the Amen break is the definitive sound of old breakbeat. The whole genre ran on samples from the same song for decades, so I guess the lack of option is on purpose.
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