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BD-808 - Bass drum generator
BD-808 is useful for creating 808-style bass drum sounds.

The underlying signal processing is based on a detailed analysis of the original 808 Bass Drum circuit. With the MIDI-Control it is also possible to use the plugin as a bass synthesizer.
  • Accent: Strength of the drum sound.
  • Level: Output level.
  • Decay: Duration of the drum sound.
  • Tone: Amount of attack-click.
  • Tune: Tuning in halftones.
  • Fine: Tuning in cents.
  • LongDecay: Extends decay range.
  • MidiSync-Tune: Tune depends on played Midi-Note.
  • MidiSync-Accent: Accent depends on Velocity of played Midi-Note.
With the MIDI Learn function you can assign any MIDI-Controller to a parameter of the bass drum.

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  V 1.0
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Nov 17 2019
  Beat Boy
  4  / 5
Very nice bd! Has a very nice feel and sound to it.
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Jun 26 2017
  5  / 5
Easy to use and very useful to get what you want fast!
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May 20 2017
  3  / 5
Very nice 808 maker. Maybe add a Volume envelope & distortion unit with tube & tape.
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