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AnarchyRhythms - Rhythmic matrix
AnarchyRhythms is a hybrid between an effect and a drum machine.

It takes an audio input and applies a user-controlled matrix of amplitude modulation, bandpass filtering, feedback loops, internal oscillation and compression.  It allows you to compose rhythmic patterns from the sonic timbre of the input.
  • Pattern editor for composition of rhythmic patterns
  • Mixer to control parameters for each sound
  • Edit pane to specify envelopes for the parameters
  • Collection of preset patterns and sounds
  • Parameter automation using MIDI controllers or VST automation
  • VST Time Information to synchronise with host sequencers
  • Supports non-4/4 time signatures
  • IN, OUT and Wet/Dry sliders keep their state on preset/pattern changes
  • Complies with VST 2.4 standard

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Apr 07 2016
  Trap Nirvana
  5  / 5
This is a great little rhythmizer. The shuffle function gives the output rhythm real funk. Great for lead noise or backbeat rhythms. Thanks a lot Anarchy Rhythms
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Dec 02 2013
  Jan Roos
  5  / 5
Works very well, clean sound, especially for mids and highs, recomeded for fast modulation of rythmic content!
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Jun 14 2013
  5  / 5
Very handy, very clean, 5 stars, good job. We need more vsts like this.
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