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Echomania - Tape delay
Echomania goes further than most real tape delay machines.

It's capable of stereo delays, ping pong delays, multitap delays and complex delay textures.
  • tape model including tape saturation, tape noise, flutter, low and high pass filtering
  • 4 separate delay lines which can be configured for various delay types
  • delay times can either be defined in milliseconds or in relation to the song tempo in your sequencer
  • all parameters are controllable by midi controllers

(1.5 Mb)


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Jun 12 2016
  Johnny Northerner
  ?  / 5
Love this echo/delay. It sounds great and has a mad rotary interface. We wouldn't want it to be too easy, we'd only get bored! Great plugin, thanks a lot interrupter.

Nov 18 2011
  3  / 5
good delay. not the best, but good

Jun 09 2011
  Joe frost
  5  / 5
LOVE it.. the look and the Nixie tube displays are great... Nice job!! Thanks

Jun 10 2010
  2  / 5
The effect is very good and you can create really nice complex textures with it, however setting the delay times is a real pain. If you use the sync mode then you can only have denominators of 1-6 so there's no chance of getting different delays unless you dial them in in milliseconds. Also when using the millisecond mode you have to alter two dials to get the delay time, so setting it exactly right is very hard, and may take you a while! There's no option to just type in the delay time.
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