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Stringy Stringazoide Stringer - Kind of harp ...
Stringy Stringazoide Stringer is a (kind of) virtual harp.
  • Multi-layer high quality samples
  • ADSR
  • LFO engine
  • Built-in reverb
  • Built-in presets to start your own patches
  • MIDI messages recognized
  • Fully automatable

(8.8 Mb)


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Jan 14 2015
  Real good
  5  / 5
Easy guitarish sound; works like charm with difficult MIDIs. Careful with gain though; it can really get *loud*. :)
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Jul 01 2010
  4  / 5
This vst plug-in is alright, it sounds pretty good. It works on lmms.
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Jun 25 2010
  4  / 5
Not sure about fl studio 9, but it works in Ableton, so it might be that it's just not compatible with your DAW. Makes a percussive, plucked kind of sound. Not great, or massively versatile, but I've used it - in conjunction with String Thing - for driving, repetitive drones, reminiscent of 70's German electronic pioneers like Cluster, Noi, etc. 4/5, for helping to fill-out a couple of tracks I was really pleased with.
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Nov 12 2010
It works fine on FL9... The best DAW out there!!
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May 27 2010
  ?  / 5
How do I install this vst on fl studio 9?????
Mar 02 2011
Go to Youtube, there are tons of how too vids for fl tutorials, download the vid get fl up n play it along and pause it as you go, it's not easy but I can't tell you how helpful.
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May 15 2010
  5  / 5
Super cheesy sounds.
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