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THIS GOES TO 127! - Velocity maximizer
THIS GOES TO 127! is a MIDI velocity maximizer.

THIS GOES TO 127! is a simple VST with no controls. (The knob is just for show.) and it only does one thing, and does that thing very well: it makes all MIDI notes max velocity (127), regardless of input velocity. This makes the volume on playback max. 

It's basically a dynamics compressor for MIDI. This is useful for heavy music, and/or for using inexpensive MIDI keyboards with poor touch.  There are other ways of doing this, but none are as simple as using THIS GOES TO 127!

(1.2 Mb)
  V 1.0


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Apr 08 2019
  4  / 5
This goes to 127! Am I wrong or is that a Spinal Tap joke?
Bill Man
Dec 18 2019
A spin-off! 127 has something to do with midi channels I think
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Apr 05 2019
  Midi the mouse
  5  / 5
Simple, but great idea. You may need velocity changes for changes in volume when playing MIDI for an instrument into your DAW. But when you want to use the same keyboard for percussion or drum rhythms this util effectively turns velocity changes off, usually what you want for a kick or snare to keep them at a constant volume. Great idea, thanks a lot!
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