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Dominator - Multi-cycle wave analysing synth
Dominator is a multi-cycle wave analysing synthesizer.

Dominator can create the hardest hitting bass-lines to the most sonically clear plucks. All through its radically new method of creating wavetables: Multi-Cycle Wave Analysing synthesis.

It also employs the use of Frequency Dissonance to create Dubstep-style wobbles instead of the traditional use of the LFO (though one is still included). Ideal for styles ranging right from: Dubstep, Drum 'n' Bass, Electro, House, and Trance to Avant Garde and contemporary.
  • 2x Main oscillators employing Multi-cycle Wave Analysing Synthesis (including 52 pre-analysed wavetables saved in HEX format ranging from simple to complex).    
  • 2x Sub Oscillators (Sine, Sawtooth, Triangle, and square waveforms) making use of Frequency Dissonance.
  • High Quality overdrive distortion.
  • LFO Module.
  • Arpeggiator/Sequencer.
  • 2X Multi-mode Filters (dedicated to each OSC).
  • High Quality Sampler (independent from the main OSCs)
  • Stereo Chorus Module.
  • Customizable Digital Reverb Module.
  • Flanger/Feedback Module.
  • Stereo Delay.
  • Single voice mode with Portamento (with variable time controls).
  • 32 voice polyphony mode.

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Jan 07 2020
  2  / 5
Sounds great, but a bit buggy. Sometimes it won't stop playing. It also doesn't load the extra presets. But this is on LMMS, I don't know how it works on other platforms.

Oct 13 2019
  5  / 5
This produces really sick sounds, thanks!

Mar 19 2019
  Miracles Happen
  5  / 5
I've been looking for something like this for ages! It's great if you need a powerful sound. I just love it because a lot Vsts often need to be amplified or/and reverberated with a different plug in but this one is powerful enough to be used as it is. It works flawlessly in LMMS 1.2.0(Vestige), Linux Mint (64).

Jan 20 2018
  Happy musician
  5  / 5
This is exacly what I've been looking for. It's a good vst if you want to make some uniqe leads or basslines, and fits well to music that labels like Wolv presents.

May 02 2017
  4  / 5
This is good for making dubstep

Mar 09 2017
  5  / 5
Sounds delectable - delicious but most of all nutritious...
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Jul 19 2016
  Made in USA
  1  / 5
If you like your soft synths warm, I highly advise skipping this one. It's loud and it's harsh. It's noisy and unnerving. It's ultra FM crisp sounds will likely slice right through your speakers. If you have quality monitor speakers avoid this VST. I honestly don't think there's nothing musical about it. Hitting on pots and pans would sound nicer.
Oct 20 2016
Perhaps you should get new speakers or headphones. I'm using SkullCandy earbuds and Dominator sounds OK to me. Maybe spending more than the bare minimum would be good. Although I only paid $20 for these buds. Maybe a nice set of KRK speakers, eh?
Feb 12 2018
He talks about studio equip which he apparently owns and you come up with Skullcandys. Haha, you are such dominator.
Lopyt Music
Feb 15 2020
You can fix that with a simple HP. I think harsh digital noise can be very useful depending on your intentions, but it of course isn't great for everything. It is not right to shoot it down because it is different. If you want a softer synth, I recommend MinimogueVA or Kamioooka. There is nothing wrong with this synth

Jan 31 2016
  ?  / 5
Aw man this baby is going make a big impact in the dubstep genre. I hope the designer continues working on this. It's a beast.

Jan 31 2016
  Reverend Entity
  ?  / 5
Some of the settings seem to stick when changing presets, and the interface buttons don't always work (this is using Ableton Live 9 under Windows 10). It definitely has potential, but it needs a little extra attention.