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PolyIblit - Analog synth
PolyIblit : 32 voices analog synth.
  • 3 oscillators per voice
  • Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth and Pulse waveforms
  • Noise generator, Pulse Width/Slope Modulation
  • 2 LP/BP/HP filters
  • Two DCAs, 4 LFOs with tempo sync, Speed and amplitude modulation of LFOs
  • 4 ADSR envelope generators that can be triggered by Note On, LFOs, CC or portamento
  • Midi automation and Midi learn

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Apr 08 2018
  Best selection
  4  / 5
this synth is one of the best i´am using. some people find it hard, but some years after making music it isn`t hard to understand. easy synth are not so vesatail and if you go deeper in synthesis, you will happy your Synth grow with you... somtimes, if you experimenting with the lfo and Filter it coult possible that some DC pops are appear so do not experimeting with high gain values.

Nov 15 2016
  4  / 5
This is a synth classic.

Dec 18 2015
  purple manalishi
  5  / 5
This is another great vst. The only thing I don't care for is the type in values but... It's worth a slight bit of awkwardness for how good it is!

Feb 22 2015
  1  / 5
Guter Sound. Klar aufgebaute Oberfläche. Aber ich stieg einfach nicht durch ... (Good Sound. Well structured GUI. But I just couldn't get into it ...)

May 19 2014
  5  / 5
This synth is awesome. I have had it in the lab since its inception and continuously run it alongside Karma FX and Dune 1 & 2. It has an awesome sound, and I don't think it is that hard to program. Perhaps those who find it too dungy should opt for a machine with no knobs and tons of presets.

May 17 2014
  garbage synths
  ?  / 5
You need to be an engineering school grad to operate this pile of dung.
Jun 27 2016
Nah, you just need to have basic knowledge and not be stupid.
Clueless R U
Jan 23 2019
Excellent freeware for those of us who have even just the most basic elementary knowledge about how these things work and/or the ability to rtfm! You don't need to go to any school, but you do need to have enough brain power to learn and experiment before complaining. Actually if you have even the most basic knowledge of how synthesis works, then you should have no problems whatsoever. Your comment says it all. You don't have a clue what you're talking about. Stick to your factory presets and non-musician oriented applications. YOU make unnecessarily expensive vst developers' pockets very fat. Great work! See you later at the Grand Prize Game bucket contest, Bozo! Jeez, what a dork! If I had to guess, your audience consists of your mom and your dog.

Nov 25 2011
  5  / 5
Perfect for Industrial music.

Nov 16 2011
  4  / 5
This is a plugin that has lasted in my collection much longer than many others. Along with Triangle II, it just sounds great. Very Punchy. I wish that it had good effects and an arpeggiator. That would truly make it a synth to be reckoned with. It works exceptionally well for bass.

Sept 29 2011
  3  / 5
Really good sound but i hate the gui...

Sept 22 2010
  4  / 5
Very interesting, good quality sound effects.

Jun 22 2010
  5  / 5
I love it! The PolyIblit and the Iblit (mono version) have been around for quite a while and still hold up very well.

May 16 2010
  5  / 5
I think this is such a great synth! Especially for basses and leads. This rocks!!

Apr 12 2010
  5  / 5
Parmi tous ceux que j'ai testés c'est le seul dont l'ergonomie correspond à l'idée que je me fais d'une machine virtuelle. Bravo au concepteur!

Jan 15 2010
  4  / 5
A wonderful sounding synth on its own, very good for leads, pads, basses! Filter can deliver some smooth sounds (note: It's not a synthedit creation). No arp or effects of any kind, you may add externally for some extra pleasure! GUI is fine, some values can only typed (not very practical). I use this a bit less in my projects than its also wonderful little mono brother (Iblit), but I just love playing it, especially adding some external delay/chorus. Try it!

Mar 20 2009
  Radiation Mutant
  5  / 5
AWESOME SOUND. This is a great creation and is used freq in my sound lab.
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