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TubeDriver - Tube amplifier
TubeDriver is a tube amplifier emulation.
  • Pre EQ - High Pass, Peak, Shelf and resonant Low Pass filters.
  • BIAS - Adjusts tube stage’s grid bias which control the symmetry of the tube amp saturation.
  • DRIVE -Amount of gain applied by the tube amp.
  • VOLUME - Output level..
  • BOOST - +12 db additional gain applied by the tube amp.
  • BYPASS - Switch TubeDriver in bypass mode.
  • MONO - Switch TubeDriver in mono mode - process Left Input, output Left and Right.
  • PHASE - Invert phase of output signal.
  • HP Freq – Post High Pass Filter frequency.
  • LP Freq– Post Low Pass Filter frequency.
  • Oversample - Oversampling Rate in realtime.
  • 16x On Render – Oversampling Rate in Render (Mixdown) mode of host:
  • OFF - Oversampling Rate in Render (Mixdown) mode of host same as in realtime;
  • ON - Oversampling Rate have a maximum (16x) value in Render (Mixdown) mode of host.

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  V 1.22
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  V 1.22
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  V 1.22
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  V 1.22


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Nov 07 2019
  5  / 5
Sencillamente Impresionante! Felicitaciones al desarrollador. Gran Trabajo...

Sept 22 2019
  5  / 5
I am in love with this, hugs to the creator! The UI is flawless, very handy and well-thought out, the sound is satisfying a.f. and I see this piece becoming a go-to for me in all kinds of applications where I think "gain". It stays remarkably true to the source and transparent imo, even with loads of overdrive.

Oct 31 2017
  5  / 5
You search for a good and efficient HiFi Tube Amplifier emulation? You've got it. TubeDriver internal structure is truly efficient, woww! Try the last updated version (v1.3): Same as v1.22 with two more parameters : THD(total harmonics distorsion) vu metering and Mix/Wet function.
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Sept 26 2016
  4  / 5
Very good for guitar dynamics.

Aug 11 2015
  5  / 5
I use this plugin as a pre-amp when I record vocals and acoustic instruments. I like how it shapes the sound for me. It's one of my three go-to plugin when recording along with Eventide's UltraChanel and Nick Crow's Wagner Sharp.