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space360 - Room simulator
Space 360 is a straight-forward room simulator and reverb effect.

Behind its no-nonsense interface is a complex implementation of three distinct, yet inter-dependent algorithms for the wavefront (Direct), early reflections (Reflect), and late reflections (Ambience). The effect uses "regressive modeling" to accurately synthesize the most important elements of the reverb sound, while using a more CPU-friendly, statistical approach to the less important elements. The result combines the realism of a convolution reverb with the efficiency and flexibility of an algorithmic reverb.

The Space 360 can be used to add spatial "context" to sampled and synthesized sources, to achieve perfectly accurate binaural panning of stereo tracks, to put multiple tracks into the same virtual "room," or to just add that perfect amount of reverb to make the source sit perfectly in the mix.

The Space 360 will not give you those lush halls that decay forever. It will not give any crazy reverse reverbs or unnatural swells. There are plenty other effects that do that well. What the Space 360 offers is a go-to room simulator and reverb that models the minute details of a natural room remarkably well while not eating up all your CPU resources. You don't need a masters degree in physics or a ruler and protractor to achieve perfectly scaled and filtered reflections. All you need to do is move the little speakers and head around and the effect calculates them internally.
  • Regressive modeling integrates all sections of the effect in the most accurate and efficient manner.
  • Perfectly scaled binaural wavefront synthesis.
  • Early reflections are custom calculated on-demand for realistic spacial cues.
  • Adjustable HRTF with scalable polar pickup pattern, focus, and lateral spread.
  • Individually adjustable damping properties for each wall of the virtual room.
  • Adjustable diffusion, smear (modulation), and lo-cut filter in the reverb tail.
  • All DSP has been hand programmed in inline assembly to ensure the utmost efficiency.
  • Works at any sample rate.
  • Easy, intuitive GUI.
  • ONE PAGE user guide.

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  V 1.1


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Apr 25 2019
  5  / 5
Very good
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Oct 12 2018
  ?  / 5
This is a really cool VST, which I've started using in every song. Sometimes on a bus to which I route all tracks and sometimes I use a different instance on each track, so that I can adjust the placement and simulate what it would be like if there were a single room mic with instruments all around it.

Jan 18 2018
  5  / 5
This is like when you order a cheeseburger and you find out they give you a double cheeseburger.

Oct 16 2017
  5  / 5
Best interface for reverb going. Not the lowest CPU use, but not bad.

Jan 30 2017
  Purple Nepenthès
  5  / 5
The best I've tried in this category, sounds simply amazing and the capacity to visualize the type of room and reverberation is incredibly useful and easy to use.. You can catch the space 360 blindfolded, you won't be disappointed!!

Oct 11 2016
  5  / 5
I am impressed, better than most of the costly plugins. :)

Jun 17 2016
  5  / 5
Great. Super easy, super sound! Just copied the file into my Reaper plugin directory... finished! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Mar 18 2014
  3  / 5
One of the best reverb plugin

Feb 15 2014
  5  / 5
Very good, the best I found till now to simulate big room.

Nov 02 2013
  5  / 5
This plugin is very good, I really recommend it to all. It gave my music more ambiance.

Mar 28 2013
  5  / 5
Does exactly what it says it does, K.I.S.S. philosophy at its finest.