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Baby Piano
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Baby Piano - Piano toy
Free VSTi made by Jason Morin with the Maize Sampler. Contains the natural samples of my Baby Piano free sample set.

The Baby Piano is a Chinese Toy Piano. I found it at a flea market and it obviously has seen better days.  There are 2 keys missing, its casing is worn out and there are loose parts in it.  The sound is not even from one key to another partly because the mechanism of some keys is damaged and it's also not in tune.
  This means that the Baby Piano VST corresponds to the "Real white keys" program of the free set, the real acoustic Baby Piano mapped from G3 to F5 only on white keys. The pitch heard does not match the key pressed except for G3 and it has velocity layers.

Featured on the cover DVD of Computer Music magazine: "Every one (note) has its own unique and haunting timbre".

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Apr 09 2020
  ?  / 5
Awesome one, but some piano keys are not working...

Mar 26 2020
  5  / 5

Apr 16 2019
  4  / 5
I was amazed to find this vst is the EXACT same piano that I have at home

May 29 2017
  2  / 5
I was expecting a dirtied sound and that's, for the most part, what I got. But what I wasn't expecting is that I'd have to export the sound to an audio clip, convert it to a sampler, and use the plugin that way because it leaves out certain notes. I get the piano you were sampling might've not had those notes, but it's still ridiculous if a general user were to keep it as an instrument.

May 29 2016
  Blue Vertigo
  5  / 5
This is a really nice sounding plug-in. Awesome job with it! :)

May 21 2015
  ?  / 5
Anyone being hard on any plugin is a matter of opinion and usage (or incorrect usage). If you expect the sound of a baby grand... buy a baby grand, don't download a plug in called "baby piano" and expect one.
Jan 23 2019
What are you blind. The picture literally is of a toy piano, and thats what you get

Apr 10 2015
  ?  / 5
It reminds of me of the baby piano I have in home :D I still play on it though...

Mar 10 2015
  5  / 5
Why's everyone negative to this plugin? In fact, this stuff generates cheap sounds and I think that's the characteristic of baby piano which I like. I like the concept of this instrument.
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